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Using AdGuard for Windows with a separate VPN I too had that issue in Opera with Adguard extension. If you're using Windows or Mac, using those and a VPN with the Adguard desktop apps works fine. It's Adguard for Android mainly where running a VPN alongside Adguard's local VPN if you're using that mode isn't possible.

HOWTO use Adguard with a VPN at the same time Firestick. Sometimes i got the popup when i opened Opera, or later, when i opened a random webpage. Hey guys, I created this step by step guide on how you active Adguard but at the same time connect to a VPN to mask your IP address. Essentially we are going to use Adguard to make a SOCKS5 proxy connection to our VPN provider.

FAQ AdGuard Knowledgebase Now i dont get the message since i removed Adguard. AdGuard filters your browser traffic by blocking requests to phishing and malicious websites and removing intrusive browser advertising. AdGuard can use two modes of traffic filtering. Local VPN mode. Local HTTP proxy mode. Local VPN mode. If you are using this mode, AdGuard does not need ROOT privileges to carry out filtering.

How to use AG & another app's VPN at the same time? AdGuard. A VPN protects your online privacy by encrypting all your Internet traffic. In real life, some VPN services allow Internet requests to go outside of the VPN tunnel. However, there are several ways to have Adguard and other VPN to run alongside 1 If your device is rooted, simply switch Adguard to HTTP proxy filtering mode. It has no drawbacks compared to VPN mode in this case, and you will be able to run another VPN app.

Can I use AdGuard with the VPN provider I already have. This is called a The Domain Name System (DNS) is the phone book of the Internet. Btw, guys, there is a new option in Adguard 2.6 beta you can now set an upstream proxy to be used by Adguard. Some major VPN services provide an option to use proxy instead of VPN, for instance PIA and Torguard.

I m using adguard in my android to block ads, it uses VPN. This is the service that turns URLs like “” or “” into IP addresses. By using VPN you will be anonymous online. VPN application does not monitor your network it will only fakes your IP address and location online. VPN is mainly used to access sites which are restricted to access in a specific country. Through VPN your location will be changed and you can get access to that sites.

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